A Solitary Life: Lifeless Planet Review

Lifeless Planet would work better as a visual novel, that, or a desktop screenshot reservoir; desktops around the world could feature many of the game’s truly alien landscapes. Instead we have a game that features a trekking astronaut – who just crashed into a seemingly deserted planet – through a […] Read more »


Grumpy Gamer : Free games are cool right?

These days, the gaming landscape is populated with uncaring corporations looking to nickel and dime you out of every penny. There are  mobile games designed purely to get you to spend money to progress the game, Soul Caliber: Lost Sword’s came out with 1 fighter and wanted you to pay for […] Read more »

Game Under Podcast Episode 50: Big Show!

Game Under Podcast Episode 50: Big Show!

In Episode 50 of the Game Under Podcast, Tom Towers and Phil Fogg cook up a Big Show. Sir, You Are Being Hunted dissolves into a discussion about procedural generation, The Road leads into The Last of Us’ ending and Animal Crossing, Shovel Knight and Arrested Development both have a […] Read more »


New ‘n’ Tasty Out on PS4 Tomorrow, Launch Trailer

It’s almost here, Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty will be out on Playstation 4 tomorrow (Wednesday in EU/AU). To celebrate the release,Oddworld Inhabitants have released a new trailer showing the beautiful remake of 1997′s Abe’s Oddysee in action, before reminding gamers that this is no mere spit and polish job, and […] Read more »


Armillo Review: Smooth on the Inside…

Whenever someone mentions an armadillo, the first thing I think of is that old Dime Bar advert starring Harry Enfield So, when I first heard about Vancouver based Fuzzy Wuzzy Games debut title Armillo, the first thing I thought was ‘Crunchy on the outside, smooth on the inside, ARMADILLOS!’ However, […] Read more »