Game Under Podcast Episode 57

Game Under Podcast Episode 73

In Episode 73 of the Game Under Podcast, Tom Towers analyses Keifer Sutherland’s performance, and wonders who Big Boss really is? (MGSV first impressions). Phil Fogg finally professes his love for Life Is Strange (ep. 1-4 impressions), before he and Tom both reveal their hopes and fears for the final […] Read more »


Blood Born II Trailer Features Bretonnian Blitzers

Focus Interactive have released a new gameplay video for Blood Bowl II featuring the talents of The Bretonian blitzers. Bretonnian teams are geared toward fighting. They benefit from very skilled Blitzer players and dirt cheap linemen boasting respectable characteristics and the Fend skill. Blitzers are their key players, and any […] Read more »


Megadimension Neptunia VII Details

  Finally we’re getting a current-gen Hy—Dimension game. And the cool thing is we’re getting a few new things, too. You can link up (all new!) characters for stronger attacks (you could sort of do that already, but presumably this is indeed something new) and break enemies into little pieces, […] Read more »

Game Under Podcast Episode 57

Game Under Podcast Episode 72

In Episode 72 of the Game Under podcast, Tom Towers reviews Splatoon, takes a gander at Amnesia: Memories, and explains how to be successful at indoor soccer (Rocket League). Oh, and Phil Fogg breaks down The Return of the Obra Dinn (spoiler: ghosts are real). Stream by clicking here or […] Read more »


New Blood Bowl 2 Trailer Pits Dwaves Vs. Skaven

Focus have released a new trailer for Blood Bowl II, this time pitting the slow but tough, Dwaves agianst the scrawny yet incredibly sneaking Skaven. Albeit slow, Dwarfs make great Blood Bowl players. They’re compact, tough, well-armoured, and have a stubborn knack of refusing to die! Most successful Dwarf teams […] Read more »


Indie Life #4: “Feedback”

It’s been almost two years since episode three of Indie Life, a series of observational comedy vignettes, starring puppets, on the subject of indie game development. The series is written, acted and operated by Tim Keenan, co-founder of Misfits Attic, and puppeteer extraordinaire. Coinciding with the Steam Early Access release of Duskers, Misfits Attic’s newest game, episode four has finally been […] Read more »

Game Under Podcast Episode 58

Game Under Podcast Episode 71

In this special edition of the Game Under Podcast, Tom Towers interviews Tim Keenan, co-founder of Misfits Attic; the brains behind Duskers and A Virus Named Tom. The two go in-depth on the development of Duskers, from its genesis to its release on Steam Early Access. A worthy listen for […] Read more »