MAG II Brings Pointer Control to All PS3 FPSs 27th November

All Interactive Entertainment (AIE) have just announced that thier MAG II Gun Controller for the PC and PS3, will be available in the UK and Europe from 27th November for £109.95.

The interesting thing about this promising looking new controller is that although it looks like another shell for a move controller or a light gun it is in fact compatible with all all shooting games on the PS3 and PC. The incorporated gyroscopes and Motion trackers take over the job of the right analogue stick or mouse, much in the same way that the IR sensor on a wiimote does.

The developers claim that the MAG II enables 1:1 motion tracking without the need for any external camera or sensor bar required. Future downloadable updates will also be avaialble after launch to add extra functions to the controller.

AIE state that the Controller also has the following features:

– Compatible with ALL First-Person-Shooter games

– Full Functionality of Official Controllers

– Real Time, in Game, “On the Fly Calibration”

– High Precision Motion Tracking Gyroscope, eliminating the need for a Sensor Bar.

– Wireless Connection & Built in Vibration

– Updateable System Firmware & Mods

– Works with ALL TVs, Projectors & Monitors

Check out the video below of a hands on with the controller at the EB expo in Australia.