Hairy Tales Review

Hairy tales is the new Puzzle game from Arges Systems. In the game you play as the Titular ‘Hairies’, a group of Fae like creatures whose home has been infected by a vile corruption that has turned the once idyllic landscape into a dank, monster infested swampland. Using the power of mysterious crystal artefacts the Hairies endeavour to push back the corruption and return the world to the beautiful floating paradise it was before.

There’s just one problem. They have the motor functions of an over excited toddler. That means no stopping and no turning unless a barrier is put in the way.

Luckily for the Hairies they have some kind of mysterious benefactor rearranging the world around them to make sure they don’t fall off the edge in all the rush and the excitement to save it.

That’s where you come in. As said benefactor you have to make sure that the hapless little buggers repel the corruption and make it through each of the games 72 levels in one piece.

Like all good puzzle games this starts off fairly simply. Rearrange the hexagonal tiles that make up the games world into a path that will get the hairy to the portal at the end of the level via the magical crystal to destroy the corruption. Then set the little guy off and watch him go.

As the game progresses the manner of traversing each level gets more complex. With the addition of arrows and fences that you can use to change the direction the hairy is running in and then later on enemies that must be avoided or attacked using Garlic collected earlier in the level.

The chaos is further compounded in later levels by having to shuffle tiles around after the hairy has been set loose. This adds an extra frantic dimension to the game play which can prove to be frustrating at times as the games controls struggle to keep up with the action unfolding on screen. However this does not detract at all from the satisfaction you feel from managing to figure out a tricky level and successfully juggling the tiles to get your Hairy to his destination.

As such the game is very much a case of easy to pick up and difficult to master. The game’s simple premise belies an incredibly deep puzzle game that doesn’t heard the player down a set path but provide them with the knowledge and tools to create their own solutions.

Coupled with these strong mechanics is a fun and quirky art style, simple bright cell shaded visuals and endearing character designs make the action on screen feel like a story book come to life. The Haires are as endearing as they are manic and the transformation of the world around them as they push back the gloom never fails to bring a smile to your face as the dark swampy tiles burst with life and the levels colour palette and lighting is transformed in a blink of the eye. The game also boasts a fun folky soundtrack which keeps the tone light.

If you’re in the market for a good beard scratcher, I would recommend checking out Hairy Tales available now for iOS and PC