Worms Revolution: Medieval Tales Review

The latest DLC pack for Worms Revolution; Medieval Tales is out and the good folks over at Team 17 have provided me with a copy to put it through its paces. But is it worth the princely sum of 400ms/£3.99 and more importantly is it worth your time?

If you can’t get enough of Worms Revolution and you already own the other packs. You can’t really go wrong. There are more hats for your squad; including a rather fetching Robin Hood number, a ghoulish executioner’s hood and a funky magician’s hat.

The new sound bites are fun as well. You can now make your worms sound like humble peasant, a Heroic Knight or Villainous Aristocracy that sound a lot like Joffrey from Game of Thrones; although I personally found it more fun to shoot them.

The new theme is a great addition; the new physics objects such as spell books, potions and flintlock pistols all look fantastic. Being able to play Forts with actual little castles is also tons of fun.

The main bulk of Medieval Tales though is the 10 additional campaign missions that pick up straight after the events of Worms Revolution. Dom Keystone has gone into hiding after the worms he was studying rebelled against him and has Left his cowardly assistant Tony Bluster-Comb in charge to continue studying Wormius- Fisticuffus.

The worms themselves seem to be in the grips of a revolution, The kings of several different lands have been besieged by evil knights that wish to kill them and then I guess assume power for themselves. Throughout this mini campaign your brave worm must navigate each level taking out all of the Executioners and rescue the king.  Although you only assume control of one worm you are helped out in your quest by wizards and peasants that gift you with additional weapons and health crates as well as clearing paths and removing physics objects that block your path.

Over all it’s an enjoyable addition to the game and a good deal of fun. In all it took about 4 hours to get through. Although some levels were tricky like traversing a minefield in level 7; it wasn’t as punishing as the later levels in the main campaign and finishing a level still felt incredibly satisfying.

Despite enjoying Medieval Tales I still find it hard to recommend the pack to more than diehard fans for the following reasons;

Although Tony Bluster-Comb is an interesting character in his own right with some fantastic lines; my personal favourite being when he described a well guarded fortress  to being ‘impenetrable like a father’s love’. He just isn’t as entertaining as his boss. However to be fair Matt Berry’s superb performance is an incredibly tough act to follow.

Also there’s been no additional achievements/Trophies added to the game that relate to medieval tales and the pack doesn’t introduce anything new that is particularly game changing like additional weapons or modes of play. Personally I don’t care about achievements but the lack of extra weapons feels like a missed opportunity given the fantastic new setting and running through Medieval Tales campaign with new similarly themed weapons would have been a nice touch.

So in short if you just can’t get enough of Worms Revolution. Give it a go, If you just want something simple to play through in an evening, Go for it. However, if you want something that’s going to have more than a superficial impact on multiplayer go for the Mars pack if you don’t already have it as it features extra weapons and achievements.

Chris Langner
Chris Langner

Sounds pretty cool. I'm jealous you got to play these games.


Honestly its worth buying. If i hadn't of been lucky enough to of gotten a review copy i would of happily spent the cash for it. Just a shame there's no season pass on the xbox for the dlc.