First Impressions: Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Demo

Well, the demo’s finally out for the public and plenty of us have had a good chance to play through it but how does Platinum’s action-packed spin-off of the Metal Gear franchise weigh in from what we’ve seen already?

Let’s bite into the most important part of a game like this: gameplay and combat. From what we’re shown, it’s pretty damn impressive. Whacking enemies is satisfying, exciting and fast-paced and there’s a lot to sink your teeth into in terms of depth. Blade-mode also works surprisingly well and the game finds interesting ways to implement it, placing it at the end of special moves for the most devastating attacks.

The game does include a tutorial and one complaint I’ve heard from other journalists is that it doesn’t explain to you enough about the game before pushing you out into the level. Yes, this is the case, however the tutorial is non-linear and doesn’t seem to follow the rules of conventional tutorials which many modern video games implement and perhaps this critics are a victim of being turned docile by the tutorial layout of barking orders at you and not giving you freedom to do anything else besides that. Metal Gear Rising’s tutorial acts a rec room where you can familiarise yourself with the controls and I actually applaud it to some extent for trying something so different.

The graphics in the game are really quite pretty too and the game seems to run at a consistent and high framerate which comes a very nice surprise. Still, maintaining such a high framerate is key for an action game of this calibre and the game does so excellently.

Besides what I’ve said here there’s not really much I can deduce from the demo right now. There wasn’t a lot of the soundtrack to sample and although it sounded nice from what I heard, it seemed to be pushed to the back which of course makes sense considering the type of game Metal Gear Rising is.

I do worry about one thing in particular and that is the cutscenes. Even in the demo, cutscenes tend to drag on a little more than they should and appear all to often. I really do hope the full game doesn’t reflect this but I can’t be too sure, this is Metal Gear after all. The only problem being in a game like this, constantly interrupting with long-winded cutscenes can damage the overall quality because of how much of the combat is lost in the process. There were also a small handful of bugs that me and my friends experienced but they would be sort of difficult to replicate.

Overall I’m still excited for the final piece. I’m sold on the gameplay alone and as long as the minor glitches and bugs are tweaked and fixed before the full game is released, I can definitely say I’ll be picking it up.