Grant Theft Release Date: Killzone Mercenary dated

We just reported that Rockstar will be releasing Grand Theft Auto V on September 17th, this year. It just so happens that Sony and Guerrilla Cambridge have chosen today to announce that Killzone: Mercenary. the PS Vita exclusive, will release on the same day.

This comes as possibly troubling news for Sony, which has struggled to get the Vita on its feet. It’s safe to say that the GTA and Killzone franchises share much of the same demographic. And GTA is definitely the bigger dog in this fight.

But such details mean little to the Killzone crew. @KillzoneDotCom tweeted to Rockstar today:

@RockstarGames come at me bro

A very professional response, indeed. It’s all in good fun… we think.

Doomed or not, check out the latest trailer for Killzone: Mercenary below. It’s a looker.