Beyond: Two Souls Out October, Willem Defoe Joins Cast

Sony have confirmed today that Quantic Dream’s upcoming paranormal adventure game Beyond: Two Souls will be out this October.

screenshot_298193As well as firming up the release window Quantic Dream also confirmed that veteran actor Willem Defoe will be joining the cast as scientist Nathan Dawkins, an enigmatic character working for a government division studying paranormal activities.

In an interview with CVG Beyond: Two Souls writer and director David Cage said;

“Willem has a very unique ability to convey different emotions,” he said. “He has an incredible presence, he can be nice and protective, or darker and worrying, making believable characters with a complex personality.

“He is an actor who proved in his career his capacity to create these kind of characters. He is also someone eager for new experiences, very experienced in films but also in theatre plays, which was something I thought was interesting for performance capture where the way you deal with space and your body is very important.”

Check out the newest trailer (via CVG) for the game staring Ellen Page and Willem Defoe below.Enjoy!

Chris Langner
Chris Langner

Willen Defoe has an interesting portfolio. It's all over the place. Has there been any actual gameplay released for this yet?