Ride to Hell – No Rules Trailer

Deep Silver have released a new trailer for Eutechnyx upcoming game Ride To Hell: Retribution. The new trailer shows off the games protagonist riding around on his hog, blowing stuff up and getting into fights.

I’m sure this game is not on a lot people’s radars for all the usual reasons. But after watching this trailer a couple of times I realised that this is probably the closest thing we’ll ever see to¬† a new Full Throttle, Stylisitically it looks like it may have been some kind of inspiration along with Sons of Anarchy.

Thinking about the amount of military shooters, science fiction and comic book inspired games that are doing the rounds it’s nice to see a devloper at least attempting to do something a little different. Check it Out.

Ride to Hell: Retribution is out this June for Xbox 360,PS3 and PC.