Wind at your Back Link – Wind Waker HD in Action.

Wind Waker is possibly one of the most duplicitous games ever made. on the surface its a bright breezy affar, cute cartoony visuals sandy beaches and endless sky. However hiding just under the suface is one of he darker Zelda games, presenting a veriosn of Hyrule where Gannon is victorious.

In many ways I wonder why of all the Zelda games they could of remade for the WiiU they chose Wind Waker, thanks to its cel shaded visuals the game cube version still looks great a decade later. Maybe it was because when it first came out it wascriminally under rated by many and thus some of the fan base haven’t been able to experience the pure joy of sailing the oceans with the wind at your back as sea gulls follow your little ship from island to island. Maybe it was because because the GBA features the game had as well as the photography side missions were perfect for the WiiU pad. amybe it was both of these things. Maybe they just picked it out of a hat. Who knows.

What I do know is that the HD remake looks absolutely beautiful running at 60fps in 1080p on the WiiU. the addtional shadows and improved lighting make an already timeless game look even better and Nintendo have confirmed that as well as visual improvements certain notorious parts of the end game have been altered and for impatient gamers the boat will now be able to go even faster so you can get to the games dungeons even quicker.

Check out the new trailer of Wind Waker HD in action above and tell us what you think in the comments Below.

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I missed out on this one, which is sad, because the original NES Zelda is one of my most favorite games of all time! I may have to look for it at the game center here in Seoul, where they still sell GC games.


@NegativeManMothaFucka Do it. Its fantastic. I'd also highly reccommend Skyward Sword as well if you haven't played it. It has the best end boss fight of any zelda ever.