Who Doesn’t Love a Man in a Chicken Suit?: Guacamelee! Costume Pack Review

I’m usually not a fan of costume packs because, let’s be honest here, generally speaking they are fluff at the best of times and juvenile T&A at the worst, I’m looking at you Dead or Alive.

Sure they’re usually only a couple of quid at the most but they don’t add anything of value to the game, aside from, and I’m guessing here, helping you to play a certain fighting game with one hand while the other is… indisposed.

Guacamelee! Costume Pack DLC 4Which is why when I heard that the first add on for Guacamelee!, a game I absolutely loved (Seriously here’s my review if you don’t believe me) was going to be a costume pack I was somewhat disappointed.  Here was I hoping for something that would give me a new challenge and let me explore more of the fantastically bonkers world that Drink Box Studios had created, but instead we were being given three new costumes for Juan.

Thankfully, like everything else in Guacamelee!, this costume pack is far more than the sum of its parts and adds hours of extra entertainment by changing up the game’s rule set in different ways depending on which of Juan’s new duds you decide to don. It also provides some new challenges via additional trophies earned while completing various tasks in the new suit.

First up we have the Pollo Luchador aka a chicken suit. The main benefit of using this particular costume, other than the obvious comedy value, is that your health regenerates pretty much constantly so fights become a bit little easier, but to balance this out your stamina doesn’t regenerate as quickly.Guacamelee! Costume Pack DLC 2

It’s quite handy if you’re having problems slugging your way through an area, and the new trophies associated with it are very easy to obtain as all you have to do is turn into a chicken or in this case an egg and talk to the four giant chickens wearing green sombreros.

Next up we have the Skeleton, which turns Juan into the Mexican extra from Jason and the Argonauts who was cut for being for too bad ass. The main perk of playing as the skeleton is that you have infinite stamina which lets you constantly bust out special moves, much like that bastard Calaca does during the first stage of the game’s final battle.  The draw back of being a shambling bag of bones however is pretty harsh as you are no longer able to absorb red health orbs or regenerate in any way.

Guacamelee! Costume Pack DLC 3The main trophy associated with the skeleton costume is also pretty tough, requiring you to get through the toughest column of  arenas in the Carverna Del Pollo which by itself is challenging, with the added problem of not being able to regenerate health, problematic doesn’t quite cover it.

If you’re felling particularly masochistic you could also try and play through the entire game as the skeleton on Hard. I’m surprised there isn’t a trophy for it to be honest. maybe called something like The Grimmest Fandango

Finally we have a little bit of gender bending as player one can now play as Juanita in single player mode or Tostada dressed as  Juan. In game it basically enables player 2 to play as player 1 and vice versa. Both of these new costumes striking moves hit harder but they cant throw very well.

The main trophy associated with this set of costumes requires you to beat Calaca while dressed as Juanita. This was a pain in the arse, probably because I haven’t revisited the game since I initially reviewed it in April and I was somewhat rusty.

Guacamelee! Costume Pack DLC 5So should you bother picking up The Costume Pack? If you were thinking about replaying the game anyway, especially if you fancy giving yourself an insane challenge then yes, buy it. It doesn’t bring anything earth shatteringly different to the game but it changes things up just enough to make another playthrough more worthwhile.

Likewise if you’re the kind of person who likes hunting for trophies it will certainly provide you with a few hours of entertainment trying to beat the Caverna Del Pollo again with a severe handicap and facing Calaca again with a different character

For a paltry €1.59/£1.25 The Costume Pack isn’t a bad deal at all. Something I never thought I’d say about a costume pack.





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I didn't know this existed until I read your reviews! I am really excited to play this!!!