Daedalic Entertainment Presents Journey of a Roach

Cockroaches are by and large hated by pretty much everyone. They’re weird looking, make horrible clicking noises, and are a sign that the place you are living in really needs a good clean, or maybe just burning it down for the insurance money. In short they’re not what you would call prime candidates for protagonists in a video game.

jim&budEnter stage left, Koboldgames and Daedalic Entertainment two companies working together to try and achieve the impossible: make gamers care about a cockroach, as well as answer the immortal question, what exactly would life be like for a cockroaches if they did survive a Nucleat holocaust? Today announcing, Journey of a Roach: A new, 3D point and click advenure game starring Jim and Bud; two sarcastic cockroaches trying to journey from a desserted vault to the world above after a nuclear holocaust has destroyed civilisation.

Being Cockraoches, Jim and Bud will have the ability to crawl up walls and ceilings as you try to solve classic point and click style puzzles. but since they are cockroaches, Jim and Bud won’t talk to each other, in fact the game will contain no spoken dialogue. That would be silly. Instead they’ll communicate via sign language.

Journey of a Roach is currently scheduled for release this November on PC & Mac.

Check out the first screens of the game below.