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October 12th will be a huge day for both the Nintendo corporation and world-wide gamers alike. There has been a buzz festering about the two new 3D Pokemon X and Pokemon Y games for a long time, and the brief video clips of the new in-battle Mega-Evolutions have added even more static to the upcoming event.

Currently, websites are beginning to line and litter their circuits with sneak peaks at the 700 new pocket monsters. Soon, walk-through guides and debates will consume sleepless nights as fans adopt new favorites and rage over silly things like how useless some of the starter Pokemon are. Thus, to celebrate the release of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, Laser Lemming is posting a series of pop-art paintings, which show what would happen if the Poke-verse were to merge with the DC universe. We think the new games should have in-battle Injustice Evolutions, where Pokemon combine their DNA with meta-humans to wreak havoc!

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As Celebi continued to warp between times and realities, the folds and links of the original Poke-verse began to unfold and tear. As the four Deoxys‘s learned of the carelessness of Celebi, they traveled through space to confront and put an end to its tampering. However, at the exact moment the Deoxys team found and attacked Celebi, the Joker was about to unleash a cataclysmic weapon upon the city of Metropolis and the heroes of the Justice League.

The bizarre, powerful,  and uncontrollable energies used by the warring, legendary Pokemon and superheroes set off a reaction that merged the two realities. Pokemon DNA melted into and was merged with the super-DNA of the alternate reality’s heroes and villains. Even the technologies found in the separate universes became one. Thus, the reality known as Pokeroan was birthed.

Celebi merged with the similar instigator of the DC universe, Chronos, and began a new quest to conquer all of time and space.

Pokeroan #251: Chronobi (Celebi + Chronos)


However, Chronobi was not alone in its goal to rule all. The inhabitants of Earth were momentarily linked psychically, and the following message was “thought” by all of humanity and Poke-manity at the same time:

“There are an infinite number of realities, though most do not seem as mine. If I find the gate, then I will conquer them all with the sword of my mind!”

Pokeroan #???: The Martian Mew Hunter (Mew Three + Martian Man Hunter) 


Who could possibly stop such powerful beings bent on ruling them all?

Some would unite and rise to seek justice. Others would join the cults of the new, dark powers.


Pokeroan #001: Wondersaur (Bulbasaur + Wonder Woman)


A brief note from Commissioner Brock Gordon:

Although the majority of the Pokeroan are pocket-sized, there are some rare exceptions that have indirectly created a seedy underbelly of crime. For instance, the gargantuan sized Wondersaur, made infamous for slaying most of the inhabitants of New York for not providing adequate sacrifices to the Statue of Liberty, created a world-wide sexual intrigue. Men seemed drawn to her base nature and primal superiority.

Pokeroan #006: Firezard (Charizard + Fire)

Pokeroan #131: Laprice (Lapras + Ice)


Justicemon #009: Blast Block (Blastoise + Cinderblock)


Pokeroan #011: Kilopod (Metapod + Kilowog)


Pokeroan #022: Black Fearow (Fearow + Black Canary)

Black Fearow

Pokeroan #025: Flakachu (Pikachu + The Flash)


Pokeroan #028: Slash-Smasher (Sandslash + Atom-Smasher)


Pokeroan #054: Psynestro (Psyduck + Sinestro)


Pokeroan #083: Larfetch’d (Farfetch’d + Larfleeze)


From the Files of Ash Olsen:
When I first encountered Larfetch’d I was struck in the head by a falling pot. I recall glowing orange lights, but when I rolled over to check what had struck me all I saw was a single being. It was seemingly creating images from its mind: giant leek plants, bird claws, pots, and a giant version of its own head.

What was more odd was that the orange being carried a lantern and had, for some reason, captured a large number of Weedles in a giant butterfly net it had constructed. It’s speech was high-pitched and desperate. It repeated its own name over and over and, at what seemed like random moments, would scream, “Take a leek,” before it began to spank the terrified Weedles with hundreds of Leek constructs. When I yelled at it, it raised its fist and teleported into a building’s wall.

Thus, I would regard Larfetch’d as a maniac of unknown motivations. Hopefully, the Weedles will keep him both amused and occupied, because I am neither in the mood to have another orange pot dropped on my head nor to be whipped by a leek construct!

Pokeroan #094: Pokeblazer (Gengar + John Constantine)


Pokeroan #104: Deathbone (Cubone + Deathstroke)


Pokeroan #118: Goldeen Man (Goldeen (with “Finding Nemo” fin) + Aqua Man))

Goldeen Man

Pokeroan #122: Toy Mime (Mr. Mime + Toy Man)

Toy Mime

Pokeroan #126: Magmastorm (Magmar + Firestorm)

Pokeroan #240: Fireby (Magby + Firestorm)


Pokeroan #127: Forsir (Pinsir + Forager)


Pokeroan #129: Atrocikarp (Magikarp + Atrocitus)


Pokeroan #132: Dittomorpho (Ditto + Metamorpho)


Pokeroan #135: Wireon (Jolteon + Live Wire)


Pokeroan #136: Flare Brandeon (Flareon + Fire Brand)

Flare Brandeon

Pokeroan #169: Batcrobat (Crobat + Batman (ode to Red Rain))


Pokeroan #196: Grodspeon (Espeon + Gorilla Grodd)


Pokeroan #197: Shadreon (Umbreon + The Shade)


Pokeroan #237: Red Top (Hitmontop + Red Tornado)


Pokeroan #257: Doomziken (Blaziken + Doomsday)


Pokeroan #355: Dusk Mask (Duskull + Black Mask)

Pokeroan #398: Night Raptor (Staraptor + Night Wing)


Pokeroan #359: Absol the Witch Boy (Absol + Klarion the Witch Boy)

Absol the Witch Boy

Pokeroan #376: Super-Gross (Metagross + Superman)

Super Gross

From the Files of Kasumi “Misty” Lane:

In a world where mankind is forced to share space with a rogue group of gremlin-type monstrosities, certain measures must be taken. While it is true that I did indeed capture and study the alien cyborg known as Super-Gross, which resulted in an uncontrollable love affair, it is not true that Super-Gross, nor any Pokeroan, has a proper sense of morality.

The corrupt and caveman quality interference of the Meta program constantly infuses his alien DNA with unstoppable power. His lone reason for survival is most likely his 8 inch frame. How can one find a half-foot tall being with super-speed and the ability of flight? In my opinion, these pocket sized super beings need to be squashed and removed as though they were diseased pigeons. However, the activists of Team Luthor have used every corrupt trick in the book to guarantee that Pokeroan are a protected species.

This stance was primarily based on the “fact” that Pokeroan were thought to be incapable of reproduction. Well, can someone explain why half of my body has turned black, and my veins white? Yeah. What measure can be taken? Pokeroan CAN evidently reproduce. I have no idea what the Meta program has infused me with: human or Pokeroan or Frankenstein?

Pokeroan #471: Captain Glaceon (Glaceon + Captain Cold)

Captain Glaceon


Pokeroan #491: Ghostrai (Darkrai + Ghost (from Dark Horse Comics))

Pokeroan #384: Ray Marvel (Rayquaza + Captain Marvel)

Ray Marvel

Pokeroan #494: Atomic Victini (Victini + Atomic Skull (classic costume))

Atomic Victini

Pokeroan #497: Coperiorhead (Serperior + Copperhead)


Pokeroan #500: Professor Emboar (Emboar + Professor Pyg)

Professor Emboar


Regardless, no organism could prepare for the ultimate god of darkness that was biding its time…

Pokeroan #650: Xerneaseid (Xerneas + Darkseid)



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