Little Witch Academia Blu-Ray Now Available

Is that the Blu-Ray down there?

“Is that the Blu-Ray down there?”

The pre-orders are over, which means that now after purchasing, the Blu-Ray will arrive all the sooner—along with the associated art book, art book translation and soundtrack CD. It’s a fine deal for only 6,000 Yen, but if you don’t have 6,000 yen, then why not watch it on YouTube instead? Because it’s no longer on YouTube. Officially speaking. But if you do have the yen, then why wouldn’t you want the art book and other goodies?

Though, one wonders what exactly an art book translation consists of: re-drawings of the anime stylised characters so that they follow the aesthetic conventions of Loony Tunes or Warner Brothers? Or even Disney? Or perhaps it simply translates the associated text. In any case, you can watch Little Witch Academia on YouTube, even now—so long as you are of low moral fibre. And you should. And then you should buy the Blu-Ray.

Peasants, redeem yourselves here.