Bayonetta 2 Online Co-op Details Revealed, First Screens

A new Batch of screens and the first details regarding Bayonetta 2’s fabled multiplayer component have been released online.

The screens, originally posted by Siliconera, feature Bayonetta 2’s new online Co-op mode: Tag Climax.

In the new mode players will take on the role of either Bayonetta or Jean and pummel waves of enemies and boss monsters in order to determine who is the greatest fighter.

In these matches players will be able to wager halos, the games in-game currency earned by defeating enemies, on each match. The winner of the wager can then spend their winnings in the story mode shop to unlock new techniques,accessories and alternate weapon variations.

Bayonetta 2  is currently scheduled for release this OCtober exclusively on WiiU.

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