Duskers: Indie Sourced

After Duskers was (sort of) rejected by Indie Fund, Misfits Attic were in dire straits. Enter an all-star team of indie benefactors who stepped in to save the day: a process which you can read about in detail here. And it is absolutely worth reading about.

But why should you care? First of all, Misfits Attic developed A Virus Named Tom; a mechanical marvel of a puzzle game. Secondly, and more importantly, Duskers is an original, exciting concept.

I played Duskers at a very early stage of development. Everything was illustrated with placeholders. In spite of this, the sense of tension the gameplay evoked was tangible; and Dusker’s atmospheric influence (Alien) was immediately apparent despite the primitive aesthetic.

Starting life as a tower defence game, Duskers evolved into a science fiction-horror-RTS that foregoes a focus on combat (aliens may not always bleed) and, in an inspired deviation, replaces keyboard or mouse control with a command-line interface which not only adds greatly to the tangible sense of tension, but is aesthetically complementary to the broken down spaceships the player explores. In short: it’s pretty damn cool.

You can already pre-order it.