Rise Of The Tomb Raider – X-Box Exclusive?!?

Microsoft  have just announced that the next iteration in the rebooted Tomb Raider franchise; Rise Of The Tomb Raider will be an X-Box exclusive. In an open letter via their Tumblr page, Darrell Gallagher (Head Of Studios) had this to say; Dear Tomb Raider Community, As you may have seen, we’ve […] Read more »


Sacred 3 PS3 Review

  In the Kingdom Of Ancaria, all is not good. In fact things are pretty dire. Lord Zane; a man with massive mummy issues, has taken over the land and its up to a small party of heroes to defeat him. Along they way you encounter a telepathic Seraphin called […] Read more »


Grumpy Gamer – Free games are cool #2

So everyone loves a free game.. Well I’ve found another. Some of you may be interested, and some of you will laugh but here it is. EA (yes that EA) are offering up The Sims 2 Ultimate Edition for free. That includes the expansions: University Nightlife Open For Business Pets […] Read more »


Grumpy Gamer : Free games are cool right?

These days, the gaming landscape is populated with uncaring corporations looking to nickel and dime you out of every penny. There are  mobile games designed purely to get you to spend money to progress the game, Soul Caliber: Lost Sword’s came out with 1 fighter and wanted you to pay for […] Read more »


Tour De France 2014 Review

Its the same with any sporting event. When Wimbledon rolls around, people take to the tennis courts. The World Cup has brought lots of people to the pitches, and the Tour De France brings out all the amateur cyclists onto the roads that force you to go at 10 miles […] Read more »


EA Sports UFC Review

When you ask someone about MMA, you could get a myriad of responses. The people who have never watched and only heard the news stories will tell you that it’s a barbaric sport for thugs thrown into a cage. People that have seen it but not really interested will tell […] Read more »


Titanfall.. for free?

It definitely sounds too good to be true, but EA are actually letting you play Titanfall for free on PC. Announced on EA’s blog today, EA are offering up Titanfall for you to play for 48 hours as part of their Game Time program. So what is Game Time?  Game […] Read more »


Nascar 14 Review

For many people outside the US, Nascar is considered a joke. A sport where all you do is turn left and where ex-Formula 1 drivers go in the twilight of their careers. Eutechnyx however disagree with this and have released Nascar ’14 on Steam, Playstation and X-Box, but is it […] Read more »


State Of The Game – Maia 0.42

Maia Version: Alpha Update 0.42 (7/5/14) Machine Studios http://www.maiagame.com/ For the uninitiated: ‘Dungeon Keeper meets Dwarf Fortress on a primordial alien world’, says creator Simon Roth. Maia puts you into the role of a team of colonists dropped onto a toxic dangerous world and given the task of setting up a established […] Read more »


Out Of The Park Baseball 15

With the new Baseball season just starting, a flurry of new titles hit the market. Theres’ MLB14 The Show for Playstation owners and RBI Baseball for XBox players but what about PC gamers. The last mainstream game was MLB2K12 which was a poor update of the previous years title. You […] Read more »