Final Fantasy XV TGS Demo Footage Released

A new video showcasing highlights from the demo for Final Fantasy XV that was shown to attendees at this years Tokyo Game Show over the weekend has surfaced online. The video, which is graphically impressive if nothing else,  see’s the game’s protagonist using some weird powers to traverse a large […] Read more »


Back to Bed Review: Not A Moment Too Soon

To me a cup of coffee is better than a creaky bed, so it’s probably ironic that I was the one that reviewed this game [Not ironic, but definitely tragic - ed]. I’m a guy that, for some reason, loves to stay up all night being active and doing things […] Read more »

Game Under Podcast Episode 55

Game Under Podcast Episode 55

In Episode 55 of the Game Under podcast, it’s time for another Big Show. Tom Towers, afraid that there isn’t enough content for a big show, proposes that in lieu of a Big Show Game Under should produce the longest Trademark Banter ever. Phil Fogg agrees, and the result is […] Read more »

evil wihin

New Evil Within TGS Trailer Released

To celebrate it being Tokyo Game Show this week, Bethesda have released a new trailer for SHinji Mikami’s latest – The Evil Within. This latest video features the games sinister anatagonist voiced by Jackie Earl Healey (Watchmen) perorming a sinister momologe as various gorrific events take places to the soothing […] Read more »

Steamworld Heist Announced + Teaser Trailer!

Steamworld Heist Announced + Teaser Trailer!

Steamworld Dig was a great game. It may even have won Game Under‘s most prestigious Least Pretentious Game Award (2013) thanks to its earnest sensibilities. So, obviously, I could not be more excited for what Image & Form might do next…and what will they do next? Well, there’s Steamworld in […] Read more »

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Enters Early Access

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Enters Early Access

Only five and a half months after The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (TBUT) was successfully funded on Kickstarter, TBUT has already found its way onto Steam in the form of an Early Access game.  Each chapter will be released in (approximately) one month intervals. Shortly after the release of […] Read more »

Uwe Boll admits he's never played a video game

Uwe Boll admits he’s never played a video game

Infamous video game film director, Uwe Boll responded to his critics recently in a video with the German YouTube channel, hyperboleTV. Mr. Boll has heard it all from angry gamers across the land. How could this man tarnish the brilliant writing and stories of games like House of the Dead and Bloodrayne with movies of […] Read more »