Game Under Podcast Episode 53

Game Under Podcast Episode 53

In Episode 53 of the Game Under podcast, Phil Fogg offers his final thoughts on Wolfenstein: The New order; Tom Towers explains why Final Fantasy X has the best JRPG story ever; and David Hello Kitty pops in to debate the merit of Hideo Del Kojima’s subversive marketing masterpiece: P.T. […] Read more »

It's Activision's turn to patronize Nintendo

It’s Activision’s turn to patronize Nintendo

International mega-publisher, Activision, was recently handed the “Baton of Lip Service” today. Activision was awarded the baton when Activision CEO, Eric Hirshberg, was asked by how Nintendo could turn improve the Wii U’s situation. Hirshberg responded: “It’s probably a better question to ask Nintendo. They are obviously not off to the […] Read more »


New Evil Within Trailer Reveals the Voices of Evil

Bethesda have released a new trailer for The Evil Within detailing some of the talented folks that will be bringing their vocal talents to the principle cast of Shinji Mikami’s greatly anticipated  return to survival horror genre. Anson Mount, (Hell on Wheels, Lost) the role of lead protagonist Sebastian Castellanos. […] Read more »


The Swapper Review: Where is My Mind?

Great science fiction is by its very nature a work of philosophical discourse and The Swapper is no different, venturing into the murky waters of metaphysical discourse by pitting a hero whose actions are governed by the Aristotelian principles of matter and form against an unmoving enemy that embodies the […] Read more »