A Virus Named Tom PS Vita Launch Trailer

Misfits Attic’s (developers of the Steam early access game Duskers, launching in May) debut title, A Virus Named Tom, is finally coming to PS Vita on the 5th of April; originally released in 2012. It was an exciting debut, and will be free during April for PSN Plus members. Read more »


Dark Souls III – A Comprehensive Guide

Gearing up to the worldwide release of Dark Souls III on April 12th, Namco Bandai have released a comprehensive guide to get new players up to speed on Dark Souls’ many unique mechanics. It explains the intricacies of the combat, RPG system, leveling up, weapons, items and magic system in […] Read more »

The Deadly Tower of Monsters Trailer + Release Date

The Deadly Tower of Monsters Trailer + Release Date

Shakespeare in outer space, starring Jonathon Digby as Dick Starspeed, the interstellar Hamlet; Stacy Sharp as Scarlet Nova, the lecherous, light-speed married Gertrude; and The Robot as The Robot, her binary-code betrothed. Hitting a theatre near you (or a PS4 and PC) on the 19th of January, 2016. Read more »


Blood Born II Trailer Features Bretonnian Blitzers

Focus Interactive have released a new gameplay video for Blood Bowl II featuring the talents of The Bretonian blitzers. Bretonnian teams are geared toward fighting. They benefit from very skilled Blitzer players and dirt cheap linemen boasting respectable characteristics and the Fend skill. Blitzers are their key players, and any […] Read more »


Megadimension Neptunia VII Details

  Finally we’re getting a current-gen Hy—Dimension game. And the cool thing is we’re getting a few new things, too. You can link up (all new!) characters for stronger attacks (you could sort of do that already, but presumably this is indeed something new) and break enemies into little pieces, […] Read more »


New Blood Bowl 2 Trailer Pits Dwaves Vs. Skaven

Focus have released a new trailer for Blood Bowl II, this time pitting the slow but tough, Dwaves agianst the scrawny yet incredibly sneaking Skaven. Albeit slow, Dwarfs make great Blood Bowl players. They’re compact, tough, well-armoured, and have a stubborn knack of refusing to die! Most successful Dwarf teams […] Read more »


Aquanox Deep Descent Kickstarter

Anachronox is a game I’ve never played, but always wanted to. Not only is the title a portmanteau, but it also features the word nox (English: night), which is the title of Nox—one of my favourite PvP RPGs to play in single player. Anachronox has nothing to do with Aquanox, but […] Read more »


Blood Bowl 2: Meet The Star Players Trailer Released

Focus Home Interactive have released a new trailer for Blood Bowl 2. This new video of Cyanide Games’ latest adaptation of Games Workshops table top game  that mixes American Football with the Warhammer universe focuses on the game’s Star players. The Star Players are the Superstars of Blood Bowl: skilled […] Read more »