Lone Survivor: Directors Cut (WiiU) Review

Alone in a dingy run down flat, at the top of an aging, poorly designed edifice. The electricity was shut off days ago. The cooker’s bust and there’s a legion of flesh eating mutants roaming the halls waiting to consume your flesh and maybe even desecrate your corpse. Each day […] Read more »


Majora’s Mask is coming to 3DS!!!

After months of will they won’t they and plenty metaphorical nods, winks and nudges in the ribs from the big N, Nintendo confirmed last night via a Nintendo direct that Link Darkest (and arguable best) adventure Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask will be coming to the 3DS in spring next […] Read more »

Steamworld Heist Announced + Teaser Trailer!

Steamworld Heist Announced + Teaser Trailer!

Steamworld Dig was a great game. It may even have won Game Under‘s most prestigious Least Pretentious Game Award (2013) thanks to its earnest sensibilities. So, obviously, I could not be more excited for what Image & Form might do next…and what will they do next? Well, there’s Steamworld in […] Read more »