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New Dying Light Gameplay Video Shows Devs Playing Co-op

Techland have released a new gameplay video for their upcoming zombie apocalypse survival sim – Dying Light. In the latest slightly cringe inducing footage, shows four of the games developers playing a co op whilst doing their best to give an inane running commentary of their every thought and action […] Read more »

This War of Mine Review: Fuck the War!

This War of Mine Review: Fuck the War!

  This War of Mine starts slowly. Closer to The Sims than the Siege of Sarajevo, one directs several (the exact number is procedurally generated) healthy, happy displaced people squatting in a disused house decrepit and strewn with rubble. The squatters clear away the rubble and ransack the disused house. […] Read more »


Tales from the Borderlands ‘Zero Sum’ Out Now… for PC

Episode one of TellTale’s Borderlands spin-off – Tales from the Borderlands ‘Zero Sum’ is out today (25/11) on PC vis the telltale store and steam, as well Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 in North America. The game will then be released worldwide for Xbox One tomorrow (26/11), before finally being […] Read more »