Dark Souls III – A Comprehensive Guide

Gearing up to the worldwide release of Dark Souls III on April 12th, Namco Bandai have released a comprehensive guide to get new players up to speed on Dark Souls’ many unique mechanics. It explains the intricacies of the combat, RPG system, leveling up, weapons, items and magic system in […] Read more »


Minecraft: Story Mode Review

Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode, is a curious concept to say the least, taking Mojang’s wildly popular blocky sandbox and turning it into an adventure game in a similar vein to Tales From the Borderlands and The Walking Dead. Initially, I wondered how this would even work.  Minecraft never had any […] Read more »

catlateral damage

Catlateral Damage Review: Catastrohpy

Cats are dicks. Everyone knows this.  They’re destructive, spiteful little bastards that’ll happily tear your house apart if left alone, and piss on the remains.  We’ve all seen documented evidence on youtube.  Knocking stuff off tables and shelves for shits and giggles. Well, Catlateral Damage is basically the video game adaptation […] Read more »


SMITE PS4 BETA impressions – An Ecumenical Matter

For the best part Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs) simply don’t interest me. They’re a genre that, to say I’ve missed the boat on, would be an understatement. I’ve had friends rave about League of Legends, and I often hear great things about DOTA 2, and I’ve meant to play […] Read more »

The Deadly Tower of Monsters Trailer + Release Date

The Deadly Tower of Monsters Trailer + Release Date

Shakespeare in outer space, starring Jonathon Digby as Dick Starspeed, the interstellar Hamlet; Stacy Sharp as Scarlet Nova, the lecherous, light-speed married Gertrude; and The Robot as The Robot, her binary-code betrothed. Hitting a theatre near you (or a PS4 and PC) on the 19th of January, 2016. Read more »


Game of Thrones Review – Family Feud

The world of Game of Thrones is one of tough choices and even harsher consequences. So who better to make a game adaptation than the current kings of choice based gameplay, Telltale. Like The Walking Dead before it, Telltale’s Game of Thrones doesn’t merely try to recreate the source material […] Read more »

Blood-bowl-2 (1)

I suppose it would be best to start with a disclaimer; if you’re looking for a spiritual successor to Mutant League Football, Blood Bowl 2 is not the game for you. Sadly, you will have to keep on waiting for that one. However, if you are looking for one of the best […] Read more »