Batman: Arkham Knight Review: We’ll Burn This City Down!

While listening to Mark Hamill’s haunting rendition of Only You as the credits rolled over Arkham City, I was left wondering how Rocksteady could possibly top it. In my mind, AC remains the finest superhero game ever made and also one of the best Batman stories ever written. Sure, it borrowed heavily from […] Read more »


Tales from the Borderlands Review In Progress (ep1-3)

If you’ve read my previous reviews of other episodic games you’ll probably know the rules by now. Each episode will get its own micro review and each is written based on the assumption that you’ve probably played the previous entry in the series, therefore you won’t mind some plot points […] Read more »

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Monsters

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Monsters

“We start by trying to visualise the anatomy of the creature; ask ourselves if this is something that could actually exist…I mean, they’re fantastical creatures, but we don’t want them to defy the laws of physics.” Read more »