Metro Redux Review

I don’t think there could be a worse fate than being forced to spend the rest of my life living in a tube station. If it were the London Underground at least it would probably be a relatively peaceful existence akin to living in a poorly ventilated monastery that had […] Read more »


Final Fantasy XV TGS Demo Footage Released

A new video showcasing highlights from the demo for Final Fantasy XV that was shown to attendees at this years Tokyo Game Show over the weekend has surfaced online. The video, which is graphically impressive if nothing else,  see’s the game’s protagonist using some weird powers to traverse a large […] Read more »

evil wihin

New Evil Within TGS Trailer Released

To celebrate it being Tokyo Game Show this week, Bethesda have released a new trailer for SHinji Mikami’s latest – The Evil Within. This latest video features the games sinister anatagonist voiced by Jackie Earl Healey (Watchmen) perorming a sinister momologe as various gorrific events take places to the soothing […] Read more »

Steamworld Heist Announced + Teaser Trailer!

Steamworld Heist Announced + Teaser Trailer!

Steamworld Dig was a great game. It may even have won Game Under‘s most prestigious Least Pretentious Game Award (2013) thanks to its earnest sensibilities. So, obviously, I could not be more excited for what Image & Form might do next…and what will they do next? Well, there’s Steamworld in […] Read more »


Persona 5 Coming to PS4, Trailer

Atlus have announced that Persona 5 will be coming to both the PS3 and PS4 via a new trailer shown during Sony’s pre TGS press conference today along with news that the game has been delayed till 2015. The latest cryptic trailer, features a bespectacled high school student riding a […] Read more »


Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Announced

So it turns out that the teaser image released by Deep Silver on friday was indeed for a new Saints Row game, However not Saints Row V as many, Myself included had hoped, but a new standalone expansion (spin-off)  entitled Saints Row: Gat out of Hell. In Gat out of […] Read more »