The Swapper Review: Where is My Mind?

Great science fiction is by its very nature a work of philosophical discourse and The Swapper is no different, venturing into the murky waters of metaphysical discourse by pitting a hero whose actions are governed by the Aristotelian principles of matter and form against an unmoving enemy that embodies the […] Read more »


Gravity Crash Ultra Review : Neon Blue Apocalypse

The original Gravity Crash came out in 2009 for the PS3 and was subsequently ported to the PSP in 2010. Five years since its initial release, the retro inspired side scrolling shooting makes its way to the Vita with a myriad of additional features that make Gravity Crash Ultra not […] Read more »


Pure Pool (PS4) Review

Pure Pool is one of the most realistic looking games of digital spots and stripes, sorry 8-ball, I’ve ever played. It looks superb, nigh on photo realistic. From the reflection of the surroundings on the balls and the veneer of the wood on the table, down to the texture of […] Read more »


Dark Souls II – Crown of the Sunken King Review

Dark Souls II was a different creature compared to Dark Souls, just like Dark Souls was to Demon’s Souls. The key exception being that while Dark Souls was a leap forward from Demon’s in terms of polish, level design and structure, Dark Souls II seemed like a step to the […] Read more »


Magic 2015 Review: Curse of the Microtransaction

The first thing Magic 2015 asks you is how much experience you have with Magic: The Gathering, having reviewed last year’s edition of the game, I said a bit, hoping to avoid any tutorials and have the game go easy on me, The game’s response? Tough shit! I don’t care […] Read more »