Warhammer 40,000: Storm of Vengeance Review

(Ed – This post is not by Gareth Newnham but a good friend of Laser Lemming – Tom Lamb. Enjoy!) There is a fundamental truth within the world of fiction; films, novels, comics and games. A belief and a mantra, passed on from fan-parent to fan-child over and over again. […] Read more »


State Of The Game – Space Engineers 01.024

Alarms were screaming all over the ship, and suddenly I was knocked out my seat. The airlock door blew open and I was jettisoned out into the cold, dark depths of space. Checking my suit readings, I could see that homebase was over 650,000 metres away and even at top […] Read more »


Dark Souls II Review: Don’t Fear the Reaper

This scene from the IT Crowd pretty much sums up how a lot of gamers talk about From Software’s Dark Souls. It’s true to a certain extent. You do die a lot. The only problem is that Death in the gaming world has developed a stigma. For some gamers if […] Read more »


Yoshi’s New Island Review: [Insert Egg Pun Here]

When people generally see the word ‘new’, they tend to think that there is going to be something extra included. However for Nintendo it seems that ‘new’ means more of the same on newer hardware. The New Super Mario Bros series are new 2D Mario games, but they add nothing […] Read more »


Darksiders II (WiiU Rerelease) Review: Death Lives

Darksiders is one of my favourite new series of the last few years. It’s very easy to sell the series to anyone; it’s Zelda for grown-ups. Complete with a rich cast of characters and a fantastic, post-apocalyptic narrative in which one of the four horsemen is tricked into kick starting […] Read more »

Dr. Benway's 1954 Alcatraz Review

Dr. Benway’s 1954 Alcatraz Review

The year: 1954. The place: San Francisco. Specifically: Alcatraz and North Beach (south of Alcatraz). Tarred up Beat baby must escape The Rock; his Vollmer not yet William Tell Overtured, but such a fate floating on the cleansing chemical-trail of a club bemoawning germaphobe. The gramophone deigns to play only […] Read more »

S.H. Skaife's: Earth Defense Force 2025 Review

S.H. Skaife’s: Earth Defense Force 2025 Review

I have saved more insects and arachnids than I have killed. The arachnids and insects I have killed have been humanely euthanized when found in a state of terminal suffering. (Or were unlucky victims of involuntary antslaughter). For anyone who might consider accepting Natural Selection as the predominant force behind evolution, […] Read more »