Armillo Review: Smooth on the Inside…

Whenever someone mentions an armadillo, the first thing I think of is that old Dime Bar advert starring Harry Enfield So, when I first heard about Vancouver based Fuzzy Wuzzy Games debut title Armillo, the first thing I thought was ‘Crunchy on the outside, smooth on the inside, ARMADILLOS!’ However, […] Read more »


Tour De France 2014 Review

Its the same with any sporting event. When Wimbledon rolls around, people take to the tennis courts. The World Cup has brought lots of people to the pitches, and the Tour De France brings out all the amateur cyclists onto the roads that force you to go at 10 miles […] Read more »


Blue Estate (PS4) Review: It’s a State of Mind

If you haven’t read Victor Kalvechev’s Blue Estate, you should run down to the nearest comic book store and purchase it in its entirety. It’s a cleverly written, well paced and witty mob romp with all the twists and turns of your average Guy Richie movie except replace the east end […] Read more »


Sniper Elite III Review

Whilst sniping in most shooters, I find there’s a bizarre disconnect between myself and my actions in game. You line your cross hairs up with your target, pull the trigger and the collection of pixels that was your foe is now little more than a headless ragdoll on the ground. […] Read more »


Another World 20th Anniversary Edition Review

It’s amazing to think how much gaming has progressed in 20 years, (well 23 to be exact) the difference between games now and those made in the early 90s is staggering. When I first played Another World (Out of This World in the US) on my Amiga 500 all those […] Read more »


Worms Battlegrounds Review: INCOMING!!!

I guess the most important thing you need to know about Worms Battlegrounds before we get into it is that it isn’t an entirely new entry in the long running series. It is in fact the new gen console version of last August’s Worms Clan Wars for PC, which is […] Read more »


Murdered: Soul Suspect Review: In my Time of Dying

The murder mystery genre is somewhat under-represented in the world of video games; in fact I could probably count the notable entries of the past few years on one hand. Being a fan of the hardboiled detective genre and particularly anything that attempts to mix it with horror or fantasy […] Read more »