No Trigger Warning: Life is Strange

No Trigger Warning: Life is Strange Episode One Review

In Remember Me, Dontnod Entertainment’s debut title, Memory Remixing was an original and intriguing gameplay mechanic: rearrange someone’s memories so that, once their memories have been rearranged, they will act in the way that Nilin, Remember Me’s memorist protagonist, needed them to. Although it was a mechanic on which much of […] Read more »


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Review: Big Pointy Teeth!

(ED- This post is not by Gareth Newnham but guest writer Evan Cook – Enjoy!) I have always enjoyed a love/hate relationship with Capcom’s Monster Hunter series. On one hand we have a superbly deep RPG based around hunting monsters of unusual size; on the other hand the monsters have […] Read more »

Ḥarām Anachronism: Dying Light Review

Ḥarām Anachronism: Dying Light Review

The great advantage of the zombie, as a gameplay mechanic, is exactly that quality which had, until recently, resulted in its near extinction. Zombies are slow, relatively limited to close quarters combat, and unintelligent; put simply: zombies kinda suck. It is this very quality which made them so useful to the […] Read more »


Saints Row IV Re-Elected Review: PS4 MORE YEARS!

Saints Row IV was easily one of my favourite games of 2013; funny, irreverent and a hell of a lot of fun. A big, dumb unapologetic satire of popular culture’s current obsession with superheroes that happily jumped the shark whilst dressed as a hot dog. I’m not one for repeating […] Read more »

Fluster Cluckers

Fluster Cluck Review: Microwave Meal for Four

The hardest reviews to write are those for games that are completely unremarkable. They’re not good, they’re not bad. They’re just bland. And it’s into this category that Loot game’s Fluster Cluck falls. The premise is probably the most interesting thing about the game. You work for Chikken Corp. an […] Read more »

This War of Mine Review: Fuck the War!

This War of Mine Review: Fuck the War!

  This War of Mine starts slowly. Closer to The Sims than the Siege of Sarajevo, one directs several (the exact number is procedurally generated) healthy, happy displaced people squatting in a disused house decrepit and strewn with rubble. The squatters clear away the rubble and ransack the disused house. […] Read more »