Rumour: Multiplayer Cut from the WiiU version of Watch_Dogs

watchdogs-wii-uI’d take this with a pinch of salt for the moment a least, but this morning I received a very curious and worrying email from Amazon explaining that my preorder bonus for the WiiU version of Watch_Dogs had changed and that my multiplayer pre-order bonus had been cancelled by Ubisoft, and that now I would be receiving a single player pre-order bonus instead.

Why would Ubisoft axe the multiplayer bonus for the WiiU version unless that was no longer going to be a part of that version of theĀ  game?

Normally i wouldn’t have thought to much about this but the removal of online features and multiplayer support seems to be a growing trend on Nintendos platform.

Most recently multiplayer features were omitted from Arkham Origins on WiiU and Ubisoft themselves recently announced that Assassins Creed IV would not be receiving any of the game’s planned DLC on Nintendo’s home console.

We’ve reached out to Ubisoft to hopefully aswage our fears, we’ll keep you updated if and when we hear back.

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Really reaching with this one. So many Wii U games, including from Ubi, have missed out on pre-release DLC but still got multiplayer. This doesn't mean or even remotely indicate that it will miss out on multiplayer. Countless retailers have listed pre-order DLC for Wii U versions of games in the past mistakenly, Amazon was probably just mistaken this time. I'm sure Wii U isn't getting the DLC but the multiplayer, we really have no evidence to suggest it will be missing.


if this is true i would cry. also, ac iv wii u has online mutiplayer so i optimistically doubt this

IsntChrisL moderator

I really hope this isn't true.


Ubisoft, if you do this, I'll disown you on every system period.

If you'd do it to one system, you'd do it to any system that doesn't have the install base to satisfy your high&mighty standards, and I won't support a developer that can't do their fucking jobs right.


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