Nordic Games Re-release Darksiders II on WiiU eshop

Today, Nordic Games announced that Darksiders II is now once again for Sale on the European WiiU eShop,

2249-darksiders-2-video-games-800x600The WiiU launch title disappeared from Nintendo’s digital service last April with no reason given by the games former publisher, THQ. Although it probably had something to do with them going bankrupt and selling the rights to the Darksiders franchise and several other notable IPs to Nordic games for a cool $4.9 million.

Returning to the eshop after an 11 month absence, the new re-released version, weighing in at just over 9Gb, is a GOTY edition of sorts including not only Death’s main adventure, but the DLC add-ons “Argul’s Tomb”, “Death Rides”, “Angel of Death”, “Shadow of Death” and “Deadly Despair” as well

It’s currently on sale on the EU eshop at the introductory price of £31.99, (usually £39.99). Personally i think that s a little steep considering you can still find boxed copies of the game for half the price on amazon. But when has digital pricing ever made any sense?